Daily Devotion 每日灵修

He Has Done It For You

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Isaiah 26:12 - Lord, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.

Always remember that Jesus is the Prince of Peace, and when you are in Him, you will have sure peace in all your circumstances. People in the world are all praying and wishing for a life of peace, they thought that by doing good, they can receive. However, peace in the world is all about when everything is good, and then you will feel good. But the peace that Jesus gave us is a peace that is unshakable and certain.

You might be in the midst of a storm or struggling with problems, however do you know that the Peace of Jesus can still the roaring waves and storms? Today, this exact peace has been established in your life! Therefore, when the shalom peace is manifest in you, you shall see abundance, goodness, favor, prosperity, health, wholeness, and so much more blessings shall fall upon you!

It is never by our doings that we can achieve anything in life, because without him we are all nothing. Therefore, the only one that we need is Jesus. You are to remember Jesus is the one blessings, you and establishing you when you succeed, whatever that you can accomplish by your bare hands are all actually what He has done for you! It means that your business opportunities are all from Him, your health are all from Him, you abundance are all from Him, your fruitfulness are all from Him!

The peace has been established, the finished work of Jesus Christ is irrevocable; so therefore, hold on to Him and witness that whatever that your hands touch shall prosper abundantly!

Showing His True Love

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Psalm 42:8 - The Lord shows his true love every day. At night I have a song, and I pray to my living God.

The world might be full of hypocrisy and lies as still it lies under the power of the darkness (1 John 5:19), however we do not need to lose hope as regardless what the world may seems to be, regardless how people treated you, regardless how much disappointment you received, always remember that there is a Father who loves you so much! In Romans 3:3-4 says "it is true that some Jews were not faithful to God. But will that stop God from doing what he promised? No! God will continue to be true even when every person is false." Therefore, if everything around ceases, remember God will continue to be true! Nothing can stop God from doing what He has promised you! When He has promised you freedom, love, protection, supply, goodness, favor, it is unstoppable!

Hence, wake up every day knowing that God eager to show you His true love. Never a day He will miss in loving you. He loves you constantly, regardless how worst or how many times you may fail. And guess what? This love empowers you! This love enables you to move on and never give up, this love enables you to rejoice in every circumstances! Therefore, remember today that you are loved, and let's be discern on how He shows you His true love everyday! Isn't it exciting?


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

箴言27:3 - 因为他心怎样思量,他为人就是怎样。




He Is Mighty

Monday, June 23, 2014

Psalm 93:4 – Mightier than the thunder of the great waters, mightier than the breakers of the sea – the Lord on high is mighty.

What are the things that troubling you right now? Probably it is because of your medical report, or your financial report; no matter what you are to know that there is nothing too hard that God cannot settle it for you! Whatever that seems to be difficult, God can turn it into possible!

Your God is mightier than the thunder of the great waters; He is the creator of the universe. He holds everything together and He is the first. Likewise today, He is mightier than all your circumstances, poverty, sicknesses, fear, anxiety and so much more! Just because His name is higher than every name and His ways are always higher than our own ways! Trusting in Him is never a decision that you will feel regret in the end. Instead, you shall see many turning points started to happen in your life just because you have a mighty Father!

When God is with you, who can stand against you? When God is alongside leading you throughout the journey of your life, you can be full assured that as He is so are you in this world! You can stand above the storm but not beneath! He is mighty, so you can rely on Him in all things and for the rest of your life!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

诗 73:28 – 但我亲近神是与我有益。我以主耶和华为我的避难所,好叫我述说你一切的作为。

当我们的思想被神的话给充满的时候,神的话能攻破一切的营垒,能抵挡恶者一切的火箭。要如何让我们的思想被神的话充满?就是常常默想神的话,把神的话刻在心版上,遵行神的话,走在神的旨意里。当我们亲近神,神就必与我们亲近。(各 4:8)所以,朋友们,让我们每天把亲近神放成是我们第一的中心点,让我们与祂亲近就好。这样,我们所过的每一天必定是充足,丰盛,喜乐的一天。阿门!


Monday, June 9, 2014

2 Corinthians 6:18 – I will be a Father to you, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.

There are a lot of people today think that God is really someone that is far away, majority of the Christians are living in religion consciousness rather than God consciousness. Many will think that God is a dictator that demands a lot and wants us to serve Him like a slave. But a thousand times no! If you are to know who is your God, you are to go back to the bible and search and understand your Father. He is definitely a loving Father that wants to have relationship with you rather than having a religion with you. Therefore He said, I will be a Father to you.

Many in this world carries a wrong concept about a father, they see the Father in heaven from the lens of this world. But know that God your Father is not the same as you know of from your earthly father, He wants to be a Father to you. To love you, protect you, provide you, understand you is all that He wants to do in your life. He wants you to live your life knowing that there is always a Father for you. You are never alone, but you are a child of God Most High. He is your Dad.

Therefore, today, come to Him boldly and you can call Him Abba Father! Enjoy in His embrace and enjoy in this fatherly love! :)

Strength And Peace 力量与平安

Psalms 29:11 The Lord will give strength unto His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.
诗篇 29:11 耶和华必赐力量给祂的百姓,耶和华必赐平安的福给祂的百姓。

Hi friend, how do you do? Regardless how busy you are, no matter what kind of stress or challenges you are facing right now, bear in mind that you have a God who cares for you, He will sustain you with His strength and peace.
When you are surrounded by problems, do not give up! Instead, meditate on the word of God and be surrounded by the love, manifest the strength and peace the Lord has given to you.
When you are weak, do not be afraid! Instead, meditate on the word of God and be strong, manifest the strength and peace the Lord has given to you.
When you are sick, let not your heart be troubled! Instead, meditate on the word of God that He has healed you and be anxious of nothing, manifest the strength and peace the Lord has given to you.
When you are in lack, do not worry about your tomorrow! Instead, meditate on the word of God and be thankful of His supplies, manifest the strength and peace the Lord has given to you.
When you are lost, do not panic! Instead, meditate on the word of God that directs you, manifest the strength and peace the Lord has given to you.
Despite of how big your problems might be or how hard is the situation, abide in Him through the word and enjoy the strength and peace you have from God. Dear friend, do not be stagnant and stay in the problems. Let's move on in life and experience how wonderful the strength and the peace of God can be in your daily life. Surely, you are heading to a better and higher place to glorify Him!