Pastoral Care Ministry 关怀事工

The pastoral care ministry consists of several aspects such as visitation to the needy, memorial service support, wedding coordinating and also event like water baptism.
Should you require more information or support from our pastoral care ministry, please feel free to contact us!


Outreach & Mission Ministry 宣教事工

The High Priest Church involves in various local outreach projects throughout the years.
Our "Agape Project" have been ministering to the local hospital ward, orphanages, old folks home, schools and also community.
Besides that, our pastors and team also have been actively involving in various mission trips to different states in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and China with the aim to lift up the name of Jesus
and to unveil His beauty to the nations.

我们在2015年成立的“Agape Project”也在当地的各个医院,孤儿院,老人院,学校甚至社区给予他们有需要的援助。

Children Ministry 儿童事工

In Children Ministry, we endeavor to see the children that are in the house of the Lord grow and transform through the Word of God.
By unveiling them to see Jesus through the Word, they shall be rooted in this foundation and shine at their young age!
Join us as volunteer if you are passionate to see children grow in the Kingdom of God!