Daily Devotion 每日灵修

The Bread Of Life 生命的粮

Sunday, January 17, 2021

John 6:35 Then Jesus declared,” I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.
约翰福音 6:35 耶稣说:我就是生命的粮,到我这里来的,必定不饿;信我的,永远不渴。

Dear friend, is certainly that food is essential to all of us as we need food in order to sustain our life and able to live, right? Our Creator-God, described Himself as the bread of life, it is obvious that HE is a “must” in our life, right? We can’t live without HIM-the bread of our life! Perhaps you might think that it is impossible for us to EAT Him as the bread of life, because we cannot see Him, cannot touch Him, how can we take Him as the bread of life? Here is the truth, friend. In John 1:1 says “In the beginning was the word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”. So now, can you see the word of God-BIBLE? God is so gracious that we have many different ways to in touch with the Word. So, today is your choice, beloved, you can choose to take the word of God (the bread of life). Stop looking around and concentrating on the circumstances around you, now is time to look to Jesus and eat the word of God. Every promises of God are YES and AMEN in Christ Jesus! (2 Corinthians 1:20) Remember, in John 6:63 says that the words He has spoken to us are spirit and they are life. When the words came, eat them; they were your joy and your heart’s delight. (Jeremiah 15:16)

亲爱的朋友,食物在我们的日常生活中是必须的,因为我们需要食物来维持生命,对吗?我们的创造者 - 神,将自己形容成生命的粮,很明显地看见祂是我们生命所不能缺的,对吧?没有祂 - 生命的粮,我们就不能活了!也许你觉得我们不可能能够吃祂 - 生命的粮,因为我们既看不见祂,又摸不着祂,那么我们又怎能吃到祂 - 那生命的粮呢?真理就在此,朋友。在约翰福音1:1 说:“太初有道,道与神同在,道就是神。”“所以现在,你能看见神的道 - 圣经吗?神是如此的恩典,让我们得以藉着多种方式接触到神的话。所以,今天是你的选择,亲爱的,你能选择吃神的话(生命的粮)。停止看向周围和专注旁边的环境,现在是时候看向耶稣并吃神的话了。神的每一个应许在基督里都是确实和实在的!(哥林多后书1:20)记得,在约翰福音6:63 说到耶稣对我们所说的就是灵就是生命。当神的话一来,把他们当食物吃了;他们是你心中的欢喜快乐。(耶利米书15:16)

I Will Help You 我必帮助你

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Isaiah 41:13 For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.
以赛亚书 41:13 因为我耶和华你的神,必搀扶你的右手,对你说,不要害怕,我必帮助你。

Today know that the king of all kings, and The Lord of all lords is your God! Not only your God, but He is your Father. No matter what is going on around you, be it sickness, attacks, fears, lack, broken relationship, know that you're never alone but you have Him with you! It is so important in trusting Jesus and believe that He is always with you. Good things happen to those who believes in Him and trust on His unfailing love! So, don't be afraid and don't be in tears anymore today, remember that your Father in Heaven is always holding your hand. He is holding your hand, bringing you to the best place and eating the best fruits! You are not left as an orphan, but He came to you as a loving Father! He is now telling you, I will help you; and be sure that when He says He will, He will surely do it! Amen!


Impossible Is A Lie “不可能”是一个谎言

Friday, January 15, 2021

Mark 9:23 “‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”
马可福音 9:23 耶稣对他说:你若能信,在信的人,凡事都能。

Impossible is a LIE. Do you ever encounter situation whereby you think that all things are not possible? The devil has been bombarding your mind with thousands of reasons, telling you how impossible it may be to see yourself recovered, prosper, change and moving to another level. But do you know that as a child of God, There's nothing impossible when you can believe in Jesus. Believing in Him simply means trusting that He is well able to do what He promised, that He is always faithful in keeping His Words and ultimately He is able! So, No matter how impossible it may be to be healed from that sickness, how impossible it may be to be successful, how impossible it may be to see that mountain removes, remember, when you believe in Jesus, He makes all things possible! So don't give up my friend!


The Word Heals 祂发命医治

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Psalm 107:20 He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave.
诗篇 107:20 祂发命医治他们,救他们脱离死亡。

Do you know that it is the Word of God who separates you from the world? The Word of God is not the word of the world, it is the very life of God. Therefore, as the children of God, we need the Word of God because that is our lives! Regardless of what is your situation now, what is your circumstance, and how bad it is, God has sent out His Word in your life. When you esteem the Word of God higher than the word of people, you will see the manifestation of the Word of God! The Word of God has healing power, it heals your wounded heart, it heals you from all diseases, the life of God consists no sickness in it, no darkness, no unholiness. But the Word of God is able to rescue you from the grave, from the darkness, from all sicknesses, from all anxiety, and you need the Word of God just like you need oxygen to live! Spend time in the Word, believe in what He says, and you shall see the fruit in your life. When God says it, we believe in it, and it settles it!


365 Times Don’t be Afraid 365次不要怕

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Mark 5:36 Ignoring what they said, Jesus told the synagogue ruler, "Don't be afraid; just believe."
马可福音 5:36 耶稣听见所说的话,就对管会堂的说:“不要怕!只要信!”

Dear beloved of God, do you know that God has repeated "don't be afraid" this promise for 365 times in the Bible? It is so sweet and glad to know that God actually reminded us not to be afraid in our daily life. How can we not to be afraid in this world? It is because we have a supernatural and the greatest God who can turns the impossible into possible and bad turn to be good. We are to know clearly and confidently that nothing is too hard that our God cannot do! When we trust in Him, we can boldly take up and face the challenges in our life regardless how big or serious it can be. So, no matter what we are facing, remember this unfailing promise "DON'T BE AFRAID" because God is always by your side leading you through. Praise the Lord!

神所亲爱的,你知道神在圣经里面应许了你365次“不要怕”吗?那是多么的贴切且兴奋知道,神其实在我们每一天的生活中都在提醒我们不要怕。在这世界上我们又怎能不要怕呢?那是因为我们有一位超自然并且最大最有能力的神,祂能使不可能变成可能,将不好的转变成好。我们当清楚并和有信心地知道,世上并没有什么大到我们的神不能做成的!当我们信靠祂,我们就能坦然无惧地面对生命中的每一个挑战,不论那挑战有多大多难。所以,无论你面对什么,总要记得那不变的应许 - “不要怕”,因为神一直与你同在并带领你走过。赞美主!

Bearing The Mark Of Jesus 带着耶稣的印记

Monday, January 11, 2021

Galatians 6:17 From now on, let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.
加拉太书 6:17 从今以后,人都不要搅扰我,因为我身上带着耶稣的印记。

You are a new creation in Christ, the moment when you accepted Jesus, do you know that you are now in the shelter of the God Most High? You are now hidden in Him, and He is your everlasting refuge. You are now wearing Jesus, and you are now hidden in Him! Therefore you are so secure and safe in the refuge of God, and you can always trust God for His wonderful deliverance and help! Hence from now on, let no sickness, no bad news, no issues can cause you trouble, why? Because when you accepted Jesus, you bear the mark of Jesus! The mark of Jesus is a mark of power, victory and salvation! So, you can be sure that when you have the mark of Jesus, devil sees Jesus, not you; they sees the Almighty One, and not you; when viruses see you, they see the blood of Jesus and not you! When all these that are not of God see you, they will be so terrified and flee!


He Will Not Rest Until The Matter Is Settled 不办成这事他必不休息

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Ruth 3:18 Then Naomi said, “Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens. For the man will not rest until the matter is settled today.”
路得记 3:18 婆婆说:女儿啊,你只管安坐等候,看这事怎样成就,因为那人今日不办成这事必不休息。

Dear friend, from the book of Ruth in the bible we can see how the life of Ruth-a widow, one who has lost almost her everything and left nothing over, turn around when she met a man named Boaz, who is representing Jesus at that generation. Today, in your life, there is also a man saying the same thing to you, that he will not rest until the matter is settled today! You are to know that by one sacrifice, Jesus has perfected us forever! Hebrews10:14) Jesus is now sitting on the right hand side of the Father on the throne and represents us in front of God so that you and I now have the right standing before God. (Romans 8:33-34) You are to be sure and know that because of Jesus Christ, you are now prosperous for Jesus will not rest until you are prospered! You are now healthy because Jesus will not rest until you are healed today! You can now enjoy the blessings HE has done for you for Jesus will not rest until you are blessed today! We are now boldly come to God and receive all that He has for us because Jesus has done it all for us! Jesus is now sitting on the throne and rest because everything is done at the cross 2020 years ago. Hallelujah! You and I can now be sure and excited knowing that Jesus has done and therefore we can now receive when we trust in Him. Amen!

亲爱的朋友,从圣经的路得记让我们看见这位路得 - 一位寡妇,失去了所有并且没剩下什么的一个人,如何在遇见了波阿斯-在那时代预表着耶稣的一个人,而生命完全的被改变,成为了生命的转泪点!今天,在你的生命中,也有同样的一个人跟你说“今日不办成这事必不休息!”你当知道因一次的献祭,耶稣便使那成圣的人永远完全! (希伯来书10:14) 耶稣现在坐在父宝座的右边,代表着我们在神的面前,使我和你能够在神面前有对的站立。(罗马书8:33-34) 你当知道并且很肯定的因着耶稣基督,你现在是富足的,因为你若不富足耶稣必不休息!你现在是健康的因为你若不健康,耶稣必不休息!你现在得以享受耶稣为你所成就的一切福气,因为若你不蒙福,耶稣必不休息!我们现在可以坦然无惧地来到神面前,并领受祂为我们所成就的一切!耶稣现在已经休息坐在宝座上,因为在2020年祂已经成了一切在十字架上。哈利路亚!现在你和我都可以肯定且兴奋地知道耶稣已成就了,当我们相信祂时,我们就领受了。阿门!

None Are Weak 没有一个软弱的

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Psalm 105:37 He brought out Israel, laden with silver and gold, and from among their tribes no one faltered.
诗篇 105:37 祂领自己的百姓带银子金子出来;祂支派中没有一个软弱的。

During the Passover, the Israelites were partaking the lamb in their house while the spirit of death could not do any harm on them but to pass over. Know that during that time, being enslaved under the power of Egyptians, they do not have any wealth, and possibly most of them were sick as the result of long suffering under the hand of Egyptians! However, they came out with silver and gold, and none of them were sick. What's the secret behind this tremendous change over a night? The blood and the lamb. Likewise today, we are no longer enjoying the shadow representing Jesus' blood and body, but He has died for us in person, gave himself up for us all, and guess what? We now have the true substance of Jesus! So how much more that we are able to enjoy health and wealth because of His once and for all sacrifice? My friends, Health and wholeness is the inheritance of the children of God. Therefore, know that by Jesus' sacrifice, you're as healthy as Jesus, with long life you're satisfied, and from head to toe, from inside to outside, all your cells, organs, parts are strong!


Understand The Scriptures 明白圣经

Friday, January 8, 2021

Luke 24:45 Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.
路加福音 24:45 于是耶稣开他们的心窍,使他们能明白圣经。

Dear friend, do you know how important the word of God is in your life? Do you aware of its power? When you believe the word of God and act on it, it releases the tremendous power in your life! (Luke 1:37) That's why in the above verse mentioned that Jesus opened the mind of His disciples so that they could understand the Scriptures-the word of God! Likewise today, Jesus has given us the best Counselor-Holy Spirit, who is now living in us, to teach and remind us all that Jesus has said. (1Corinthians 3:16 & John 4:26) So, are you ready to let Jesus involve in your life today? When we understand the Scriptures, that is the truth that set us free! (John 8:32) When we understand the Scriptures, only then we can meditate them day and night, and through the meditation on the word of God, we are like the tree planted by streams of water and whatever we do shall prosper! (Psalm 1:3) When we understand the Scriptures, it is the lamp to our feet and the light for our path! (Psalm 119:105) When we understand the Scriptures, the unfolding of God's words gives light and gives understanding to the simple! (Psalm 119:130) The words of God is so powerful and important in our life. Therefore, it is essential for us to understand the words of God through the revelation and wisdom from Holy Spirit! Friend, you have been told the importance of God's words. Now is your turn to decide whether to take up the promises given to you or not. When you ready and believe, you will surely see things change in your favor! If you are ready and you want it, let's do this prayer together: "God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, thank you for giving me the spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that I may know You better. In Jesus name we asked and give thanks. Amen!"

亲爱的朋友,你知道神的话对你的生命有多重要吗?你可否知道它的能力?当你相信神的话并且操练用它时,它所释放在你生命中的是浩大的能力!(路加福音1:37) 那就是为什么在以上的经节说到耶稣开启门徒的心窍让他们能明白圣经-就是神的话!同样的今天,耶稣已经赐给我们最好的保惠师-就是居住在我们心里的圣灵,为指教提醒耶稣所说的一切话。(哥林多前书3:16 及 约翰福音14:26) 所以,你预备好让耶稣参与你的生命吗?当我们明白圣经,那就是叫我们得自由的真理!(约翰福音8:32) 当我们明白圣经,我们才能昼夜思想,然后藉着默想神的话,我们就像一棵树栽在溪水旁并我们所做的一切尽都亨通顺利!(诗篇1:3) 当我们明白圣经,他是我们脚前的灯路上的光!(诗篇119:105) 当我们明白圣经,神的话一解开就发出亮光,使愚人通达!(诗篇119:130) 神的话是充满着能力并且在我们的生命中是何等的重要。所以,藉着圣灵的启示和智慧来明白神的话对我们而言是多么的重要!朋友,你已经知道神话语的重要性。现在轮到你做决定是否要拿起所给你的一切应许。当你预备好且相信时,你必定看见事情因着你而改变!若你要并且已经预备好,跟我一起做这个祷告:"我们主耶稣基督的神,荣耀的父,感谢你赐我智慧和启示的灵,使我真知道你。奉耶稣的名我们祷告和感谢。阿们!"

Nothing Is Impossible 没有难成的事

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Mark 9:23 “ ‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”
马可福音 9:23 耶稣对他说:你若能信,在信的人,凡事都能。

There might be thousands and thousands of reasons and facts telling you that it is impossible. It is impossible to get heal because the medical expert said it is incurable, it is impossible to live in abundance because everything is getting more and more expensive nowadays and you just can't excel in life!! My friend, impossible is a lie. Jesus never sees impossible as great, he never even consider the impossibilities. All He did was knowing that His father is able, to turn the water into wine, to turn the dead into life, to turn the sick into health, to turn the lack into abundance! He sure knows that no matter what is ahead, nothing is impossible with God! So, No matter how impossible it may be to be healed from that sickness, how impossible it may be to be successful, how impossible it may be to see that mountain removes, remember, when you believe in Jesus, He makes all things possible! So don't give up my friend!


When Jesus is Magnify 当耶稣被高举

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Psalm 13:6 I will sing the Lord’s praise, for he has been good to me.
诗篇 13:6 我要向耶和华歌唱,因祂用厚恩待我。

One who always magnify his problem is one who does not know how to rejoice and does not know how to give praise; but one who magnifies Jesus and His finished work, knows how to rejoice in The Lord and give praises to Him. Why? Because their focus is different! Likewise today, no matter what is going on around you, you have to ask yourself, what is my focus? What do I focus now? What do I meditate now? All the more you look at the greatness of Jesus, all the more you will see the problems as small, all the more you'll give praise and honor and all the more you'll rejoice in Him! So, no matter what's going on, start to magnify God instead of your problems! Sing to The Lord praises, lift His name up, meditate on His love for you! For He is always faithful, He has been good and He is worthy to be praised! When Jesus is magnify, all things faded into comparison!


Faith Like A Mustard Seed 芥菜种的信心

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Matthew 17:20 He replied," Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as the mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.
马太福音 17:20 耶稣说:是因你们的信心小,我实在告诉你们,你们若有信心像一粒‘芥菜种’,就是对这座山说:你从这边挪到那边,他也必挪去,并且你们没有一件不能作的事了。

Dear friend, have you ever seen a mustard seed before? In fact it is consider as small among many seeds, yet when it grows, it is bigger than many trees. So when Jesus describes our faith as a mustard seed, it means that though our faith seem to be small yet it is so powerful and it can becomes a big tree when we sow it on the good soil! Today where is the source of our faith? Is from the Words of God. Because faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ. (Romans 10:17)Therefore, let our heart be a good soil, believe and receive the promises of God, able to sow the words of God in our life so that the mustard seed of faith in our life can grow well. No matter how strong the storms might be, let Jesus take the control. Though sometimes we might not know how to move on, but we are to take heart and just follow the good shepherd-Jesus, for He will surely leads us to the green pasture and the stream of living water. Regardless how big the mountain could be in front of us, believe Jesus by faith and command the mountain to move away! Always remember that in Jesus, nothing is too hard! Do not fear, just believe! Amen!


The God Who Helps 帮助你的神

Monday, January 4, 2021

Isaiah 41:13 For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.
‭‭以赛亚书 41:13 因为我耶和华你的神,必搀扶你的右手,对你说,不要害怕,我必帮助你。‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Today know that the God who created heaven and the earth is your Father, the God who opened the Red Sea for the Israelites is your Father, the God who shut the mouth of the lions is your Father, the God who defeated Goliath is your Father, the God who conquered everything and brings victory to you is your Father! So how awesome it can be to have God not only at your side, but He is also your Abba! Therefore my friends, no matter what is going around, Jesus wants to turn all your mess into rest today! If it matters to you, it matters to Him; whatever affect you will be His ultimate concern. So, He's holding your right hand today and assuring you not to fear. He will help you, and when He helps, it's far better than you helping yourself! With man it is impossible but with God all things are possible! ‬‬‬‬


Be Men Of Courage 作大丈夫

Sunday, January 3, 2021

1 Corinthians 16:13 Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.
哥林多前书 16:13 你们务要警醒,在真道上站立得稳,要作大丈夫,要刚强。

Dear friend, you are to be the man of courage. Today, is not about what you can do to be a man of courage but because of who Jesus Christ is and it is not about who you are but because of what Jesus Christ has done. All you need to do is to believe in Him and all that He has achieved for you. Be on your guard by listening what the Lord says to you through His words, for nothing is impossible in Him and when His words sent forth, things accomplished more than what we can imagine of. Let not listen to what the world says or what the circumstances say, but be attentive to what God says. By listening to God's words, we will be able to stand firm. The only foundation we can lean on today is Jesus Christ, which is the Word. No matter how big the mountain is, regardless how tough the situation might be, we can be strong for Christ is living in us! Sickness, cancer, lacking, broken relationship, or any problem you can name of, cannot bigger than the God we trust-JESUS, for His name is above all names. When God is for us, know that nothing can be against us! Hallelujah! In Him, we are not only an overcomer but we are more than conquerors!


Life To The Full 丰盛的生命

Saturday, January 2, 2021

John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
约翰福音 10:10 盗贼来,无非要偷窃、杀害、毁坏;我来了,是要叫羊得生命,并且得的更丰盛。

‭‭The thief comes secretly and without your awareness, isn't it? And the thief comes for a purpose to steal something that is valuable! Imagine that you have nothing in your house, does the thief interested in you? Guess not! Likewise, God has given you all things that are precious, He has given you precious health, precious abundance, precious peace and joy, precious future and hope! Just because of that, the enemies or the thief wants to come and kill, steal and destroy! Because you have it! So never ever thought that you don't have it, but remember all that the Father has now is yours. So don't give in and allow the thief to take whatever he likes, take your stand in Christ by rejecting and taking up the authority! Yes, the enemies may be throwing you issues that kill, steal and destroy you, but take heart! For Jesus has already came, love came down to find you, to give you life and have it to the full! Trust Him for He can never fail you! ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬


Everything New 崭新的一切

Friday, January 1, 2021

Isaiah 43:18-19 Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.
以赛亚书 43:18-19 耶和华如此说:”你们不要记念从前的事,也不要思想古时的事。看哪,我要做一件新事,如今要发现,你们岂不知道吗?我必在旷野开道路,在沙漠开江河。”

Dear friend, as we enter the new year, we are to be assured that everything is new, so no matter what has happened before, let the past be passed. Let go of what is behind of you and see what is ahead of you. Stop dwelling on the past, move forward in the destiny God has planned for you. Forget the hurt that holds you back, perceive the comfort God has for you; Forget the pain and disease that bother you, perceive the healing God has given to you; Forget the lacking that limits you, perceive the blessings and prosperity God supplies to you according to His glorious riches; Forget the broken relationship that hurts you, perceive the restoration and love God has for you. Now, everything is new in Christ! Trust in Him and His finished work on the cross. He has done it all for you and me, therefore, we are to enjoy and rejoice in Him. The Lord we trust is the one who makes impossible becomes possible and who turns the bad into good. Nothing is too hard for Him, so, let us step out boldly knowing that when God is for us, nothing can be against us. Start the new year right with right believing which produces right living. Hallelujah!


Darkness Into Light 黑暗入光明

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Psalms 18:28 You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.
诗篇 18:28 祢必点着我的灯,耶和华 - 我的神必照明我的黑暗。

Darkness can never overcome light. Try and see, when you're in a darkest room, just lit a candle and immediately the whole room is full of light, darkness has no choice to stay. Likewise, remember that Jesus is the light and He said we are the children of light, we carry light, and no matter where we are, it is like a candle being lit, it is impossible for that place to be in darkness any longer! The place that you go will turn sorrow into joy, turn fear into faith, turn lack into abundance! That's how God turn our darkness into light, through us, his children of light, that we carry the same image and power like Him!! So, stepping into a brand new year with full of confident expectation of Good! Know that God shall turn your darkness into light, the darkness of sickness, darkness of your hurtful past, darkness of your lack shall flee in terror for your Father is the mightiest!!


Complete In Him 在祂里面得以完全

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Colossians 2:10 and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.
歌罗西书 2:10 你们在祂里面也得了丰盛,祂是各样执政掌权者的元首。

Our completeness cannot be found via our own effort, because no matter how much you try, how many good deeds that you've been trying to achieve, it is impossible to be saved by our own strength and effort. Salvation comes only through one man- Jesus Christ. It is only by believing in Jesus that we go to our Father. Only His blood redeemed us all! Therefore in Him you are already completed, which means the healing that you need is completed, the abundance that you need is completed, the opportunities that you need is completed, all that He has is now yours! You are as complete as Jesus! So, be assured that God can always turn disappointment to appointment, He can always turn brokenness into completeness. You're complete, holy, righteous, and all beautiful in Him; so see yourself as one today! When the head of all power and principalities are now looking after you, completed you, nothing shall make you incomplete anymore!


Save You From Traps 救你脱离网罗

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Psalm 31:4 Pull me from the trap my enemies set for me, for I find protection in you alone.
诗篇 31:4 求祢救我脱离人为我暗设的网罗,因为祢是我的保障。

The enemies may be setting traps trying to trap you, they are finding all sorts of way to trap you in fear, doubts, worries and all; but do you know that there is nothing that can harm you? Just because you have a wonderful Father In heaven who pulls you immediately out from the traps! Just like Peter, when he was drown, Jesus never took a moment to think about it, but immediately reached out His hand to pull him back! My friends, Your Abba Father sends angels to encamp around you today, no matter where you are, He secures you and saves you from all the traps of sickness, accident and all! Angels are there ministering and helping you! Though thousands may fall at your side, but remember, you're protected under the mighty wings of God! Under His Wings, no matter how many traps, nothing is able to defeat your God! ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬


Light 光

Monday, December 28, 2020

John 12:46 I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.
约翰福音 12:46 我到世上来,乃是光,叫凡信我的,不住在黑暗里。

Jesus came to the world as light, which means the world is in a total darkness! Why would we need light when it's already in brightness? But when there's darkness, we need light as our direction and help! Likewise, when we were still sinners, darkness is all over us, we could not see light in our situation, in our health, in our finance, in our lives. All that we see were hopelessness, but do you know what? Jesus came into our lives as light, He has lighten up our path, and all that we need is to believe and develop a relationship with Him! Trust Him that He is a keeper of our lives, and whatever that He has promised us will not return to us empty! Therefore, instead of believing in yourself and choose to walk away from this light, learn to walk in His word and you shall see, there's no longer darkness for darkness has to flee from you! Sickness shall flee, lack shall flee, fear shall flee! Amen!