Daily Devotion 每日灵修

Strength And Peace 力量与平安

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Psalms 29:11 The Lord will give strength unto His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.
诗篇 29:11 耶和华必赐力量给祂的百姓,耶和华必赐平安的福给祂的百姓。

Hi friend, how do you do? Regardless how busy you are, no matter what kind of stress or challenges you are facing right now, bear in mind that you have a God who cares for you, He will sustain you with His strength and peace. When you are surrounded by problems, do not give up! Instead, meditate on the word of God and be surrounded by the love, manifest the strength and peace the Lord has given to you. When you are weak, do not be afraid! Instead, meditate on the word of God and be strong, manifest the strength and peace the Lord has given to you. When you are sick, let not your heart be troubled! Instead, meditate on the word of God that He has healed you and be anxious of nothing, manifest the strength and peace the Lord has given to you. When you are in lack, do not worry about your tomorrow! Instead, meditate on the word of God and be thankful of His supplies, manifest the strength and peace the Lord has given to you. When you are lost, do not panic! Instead, meditate on the word of God that directs you, manifest the strength and peace the Lord has given to you. Despite of how big your problems might be or how hard is the situation, abide in Him through the word and enjoy the strength and peace you have from God. Dear friend, do not be stagnant and stay in the problems. Let's move on in life and experience how wonderful the strength and the peace of God can be in your daily life. Surely, you are heading to a better and higher place to glorify Him!


Boast Only Jesus 只夸耶稣

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

1 Corinthians 3:21 So then, no more boasting about human leaders! All things are yours.
哥林多前书 3:21 所以无论谁,都不可拿人夸口。因为万有全是你们的。

Instead of relying on man, God wants us to rely on Him. For He is such a wonderful father that sustains all your cares and daily bears your burden! He wants you to know that as you rely on Him, there's nothing that you can worry about. Man may fail you or disappoint you, but God is faithful, He keeps His words and He makes sure it is done in your life. Therefore know that all things that we received and enjoy today, be it that talents, the ability, that wisdom, the opportunity, are all blessings from God. Instead of looking on man and be a man pleaser, let us be a God pleaser and be His follower! Look upon Jesus and follow Him, for He is such a great Shepherd that will lead you towards green pasture, and this all things have been given to you! You lack no good thing in Christ! Amen!


Because He Says So 依从祂的话

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Luke 5:5b Simon answered: ......But because you say so, I will let down the nets.
路加福音 5:5b 西门说: 。。。但依从祢的话,我就下网。

Whose word and whose report that you believe in today? Many times we believe in words that are not the truth, the Word of God tells us that the devil is the liar, which means he came and bring all sorts of lies to your life. Only the word of God is the truth, and only when you know the truth, the truth shall set your life free! Therefore, choose who do you want to listen to today! Just like Peter, instead of listening to his feeling and what his experience told him, he chose to listen to what Jesus said. He said, because you say so! Likewise in our lives, regardless what your situation says today, remember that Jesus has the final word; regardless how is your medical report, Jesus has the final report; regardless how is your financial situation, Jesus has the final say. Because He said so in His Word, and it settles it! Just like Peter, you'll catch the abundance of fish, the boat sinking experience! Amen!


Showing His True Love 显明祂的慈爱

Monday, September 11, 2023

Psalm 42:8 The Lord shows his true love every day. At night I have a song, and I pray to my living God.
诗篇 42:8 白昼,耶和华必向我施慈爱;黑夜,我要歌颂祷告赐我生命的神。

The world might be full of hypocrisy and lies as still it lies under the power of the darkness (1 John 5:19), however we do not need to lose hope as regardless what the world may seems to be, regardless how people treated you, regardless how much disappointment you received, always remember that there is a Father who loves you so much! In Romans 3:3-4 says "it is true that some Jews were not faithful to God. But will that stop God from doing what he promised? No! God will continue to be true even when every person is false." Therefore, if everything around ceases, remember God will continue to be true! Nothing can stop God from doing what He has promised you! When He has promised you freedom, love, protection, supply, goodness, favor, it is unstoppable! Hence, wake up every day knowing that God eager to show you His true love. Never a day He will miss in loving you. He loves you constantly, regardless how worst or how many times you may fail. And guess what? This love empowers you! This love enables you to move on and never give up, this love enables you to rejoice in every circumstances! Therefore, remember today that you are loved, and let's be discern on how He shows you His true love everyday! Isn't it exciting?

这世界也许有太多的虚情假意和谎言,因这世界仍在恶者掌权下(约翰一书5:19),但无论外面的世界如何变化,在基督里我们仍有盼望;无论人如何对待你,无论面对了多少次的失望,都要记得我们有一位爱我们的天父!罗马书3:3-4 说:“即便有不信的,这又何妨呢?难道他们的不信就废掉神的信吗?断乎不能!不如说,神是真实的,人都是虚谎的”。所以,纵然周围的环境看似是死了,记得耶稣祂依然信实!没有什么可以拦阻神对你的应许,当祂应许你给你自由、应许永远爱你、保护你、供应你,应许你美好的事、赐你恩惠,这些都是不能被拦阻的!所以,每一天醒来都要知晓上帝祂向你施慈爱,祂没有一天会错失你。无论你跌倒了多少次,祂从来不曾停止爱你。而这份爱使你重新得力!这份爱推动你继续往前走不放弃,这份爱可以使你在无论处在任何环境,都可以欢喜快乐!今天要记得你是被父所爱,当你晓得祂每一天都向你施慈爱,是不是很兴奋呢?

None Like You 无人能像祢

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Exodus 15:11 Who among the gods is like you, O Lord? Who is like you, majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?
出埃及记 15:1:1 耶和华啊,众神之中,谁能象祢;谁能象祢,至圣至荣,可颂可畏,施行奇事。

Darkness covers the earth, and even great darkness is covering my life;
God you alone are light, a great light that shines through my life.

The pit was cold and dark, but you lift out your hand and say,
hold on to me my child, this is not where you are meant to stay.

I look into the eyes of compassion, so much love and acceptance;
there I found assurance and hope, in Your love I see gladness and joy.

Now go and sin no more, is what you told me when I was born again;
it is your love that leads me into repentance, and it is Your grace that lifted me higher.

Nothing that I can boast, but You alone are my God,
the whole earth shout out loud, my whole being is praising You.

There is none like You O Lord, that comes with open arms,
draw me close to your heart, and say that I am Yours! Amen!







He Is Before You 祂走在你前头

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Deuteronomy 33:27 The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. He will drive out your enemies before you, saying, ‘Destroy them!’
申命记 33:27 永生的神是你的居所,祂永久的膀臂在你以下;祂在你面前撵出仇敌,说:毁灭吧!

How sweet to know that even in the midst of storms, in the midst of rain, you have a place where you can run to, Jesus is your hiding place. Therefore, know that he will not leave you as an orphan, but He will come to you. For whoever that comes to Him, He will not drive them away. He is your refuge and hiding place, His everlasting arms will always be beneath you and support you. Therefore you don't have to worry about that you'll fall, for He is always with you backing you up and holding you firmly! No matter how many enemies before you, do you know that you'll not face them yourself? Instead, Jesus is before you driving out that sickness, that virus, that fear that tries to hunt you, and the moment when he speaks "destroy! " it means destroy and nothing is able to void His word! Believe that He is a shield in your life, and do not be afraid! Amen!


We Enjoy The Blessings, Jesus Bears The Burdens 有福同享,有难耶稣担

Friday, September 8, 2023

Psalms 68:19 Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.
诗篇 68:19 天天背负我们重担的主,就是拯救我们的神,是应当称颂的。

Hello friend, how do you do? Regardless it is a raining day, a cloudy day or a sunny day, it is always a good day that the Lord has made, therefore, we can enjoy and be glad in it. Today, no matter what burden you have that is bothering you, here is the hope you have in Jesus Christ. You know what, Jesus has took your place of curses so that you can now enjoy the position of righteousness and blessing. He has borne your sicknesses through His broken body so that now you can receive supernatural healing and wholeness. Jesus has took your place of poverty so that you can now enjoy all the blessings and prosperity He has for you. Jesus has been mocked so that now you can lift up your head with glory. Jesus has been rejected so that you are accepted. So, do know that Jesus has sacrificed all that He has for the sake of you. Now is the time for you to receive.
Give up all your troubles to Jesus and receive all the solutions from Jesus.
Give up all your bondage to Jesus and receive the freedom from Jesus.
Give up all your anxieties to Jesus and receive the peace from Jesus.
Give up all your sicknesses to Jesus and receive healing from Jesus.
Give up all your impossibles to Jesus and receive all the possibles from Jesus.
Give up all your insufficient to Jesus and receive all the sufficient from Jesus.
Give up all your lacks to Jesus and receive all the provisions from Jesus.
Beloved, we can now enjoy all the blessings and good stuffs simply because Jesus has borne it all for us. So, do not doubt but to trust in Jesus wholeheartedly. When you believe, you are to receive!


Give Thanks To The Lord 称谢耶和华

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Psalms 118:1 Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.
诗篇 118:1 你们要称谢耶和华,因祂本为善,祂的慈爱永远长存。

Dear friend, regardless where are you right now, no matter what you are going through, remember one thing 'GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD".
Although you might be sick sometimes, give thanks to the Lord for Jesus has healed you;
Although you might be weak sometimes, give thanks to the Lord for Jesus has strengthened you;
Although you might be in lack sometimes, give thanks to the Lord for Jesus has provided you;
Although you might be lost sometimes, give thanks to the Lord for Jesus is your direction...
Give thanks to the Lord, friend, He is our all in all. No matter what, give thanks to the Lord and meditate on the words of God that manifest the tremendous power of God!
In Him, you are well protected! In Him, you are highly favored, greatly blessed and deeply loved! Amen!


Guard The Good Deposit 牢守善道

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

2 Timothy 1:14 By the Holy spirit who dwells within us, guard the good deposit entrusted to you.
提摩太后书 1:14 从前所交托你的善道,你要靠着那住在我们里面的圣灵牢牢地守着。

Dear friend, do you know what does "guard the good deposit" mean? It means to hold on and trust on the good news been preached to you. Then what is the good deposit means to you?
When you are sick, the good deposit is you are healed and healthy, so guard the good health given to you from God by believing and proclaiming;
When you are in lack, the good deposit is you are not in want and is prosperous, so guard the prosperity given to you from God by believing and proclaiming;
When you are worry, the good deposit is you found solution that you need, so guard the good way given to you from God by believing and proclaiming;
When you are in fear, the good deposit is you are well protected, so guard the protection given to you from God by believing and proclaiming;
When you are angry, the good deposit is you are peaceful, so guard the peace given to you from God by believing and proclaiming;
When your marriage has problems, the good deposit is your marriage is been restored by the love, so guard the love given to you from God by believing and proclaiming;
When you do not know how to move on in future, the good deposit is you found new and living way, so guard the bright way given to you from God by believing and proclaiming;
When you feel that you cannot, the good deposit is you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength, so guard the strength given to you from God by believing and proclaiming.
So friend, guard the good deposit in you and start to experience the great changes in you when you believe!


Faith In Action 信心的行为

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

James 2:17 So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.
雅各书 2:17 这样,信心若没有行为就是死的。

Dear friend, what are you believing in today?
Do you believe that by Jesus' stripes you are healed?
Do you believe that by Jesus' sacrifice you are being made whole?
Do you believe Jesus has became poor so that you are rich?
Do you believe Jesus is here to give you life and life more abundantly?
Do you believe Jesus is your success?
Do you believe all the promises God has for you is YES and AMEN?
NOW, is time for you to act with faith, friend! Do not wait any longer, let's grab them all now! You are to live healthily and in wholeness! Proclaim that you no longer need to depend on medicines for good health, but keep on meditating the words of God that heal your body. You are rich and abundant! Proclaim that you will never in lack and shall not be in want for you have the good shepherd who has given you all that He has. You are successful and can manifest all the promises and glory of God in your daily life! In the path of career, family, relationship and in all areas, you are prosperous and all that you touch shall prosper! Friend, let us move in faith with action! Surely, you will see and encounter how bad turn to be good and impossibles into possibles! AMEN!


Be At Peace 得享平安

Monday, September 4, 2023

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.
约翰福音 14:27 我留下平安给你们,我将我的平安赐给你们。我所赐的,不像世人所赐的。你们心里不要忧愁,也不要胆怯。

Dear friend, no matter what has happened moments ago, regardless what are you encountering right at this moment, remember to hold the peace God has given to you.
When you are down, remember what Jesus did for you, He is there to wipe away your tears and give you peace;
When you are sick, remember what Jesus did for you, He has healed you by giving you good heath and peace;
When you are lacking, remember what Jesus did for you, He has supernatural provision to supply your needs and give you peace;
When you are alone, remember what Jesus did for you, He will never leaves you nor forsakes you;
When you in troubles, remember what Jesus did for you, He is always ahead of you bringing you through;
When you are facing storms in life, remember what Jesus did for you, He make the storm still and give you peace;
When you are being accuse for no reason, remember what Jesus did for you, He will restore you with double portion of blessings and gives you peace;
When you are being look down by others, remember what Jesus did for you, He raise you up and lift up your head that you will never be put to shame;
When someone is teasing you, remember what Jesus did for you, He restores you with His glory and gives you peace;
When you are angry, remember what Jesus did for you, let go and let God by holding the peace He has given to you...
So, be still by meditating what Jesus has done for you and know that He is the God who loves you unconditionally. You need only to be still and the Lord will fight for you! Amen!


Your God And You 你的神与你

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.
创世记 1:27 神就按着自己的形象造人,乃是照着祂的形象造男造女。

Dear friend, do you know that you are created in God's own image? There is a lot of times we forgot our own identity, we tend to forget who we are, what we have and what we can do. When problems come, we will usually react negatively towards the problems and forget we are actually bigger than the problems for we are created in God's own image. We are in this world but not of this world. We are belong to God. We are his creation and we are his beloved. Do you know how precious we are in his sight? He loves us until an extent He has given Jesus Christ, the one and only Son to die for us and redeem us from all things. Because of Him, we are more than conquerors and able to enjoy all that He has. In this complicated world, many of us were blinded by the problems and all that belong to the world. There is a lot of times we forgot that we are of God who is there to bless, to give and finally forgive. In this world, we are used to get get get and finally forget. We are rushing and fighting for living a good life in this world by our own effort and finally ends up forgetting who we are, what we have and what we can do. So, now is the time to change, friend. Now is the time to be awaken. Let's go back to the origin. Remember that we are created in the same image of God. So, we have the dunamis power to overcome all circumstances, we have the authority to handle all that being assigned to us, we can do all things through God who gives us strength! As Christ is, so are you in this world. There is nothing can harm you, nothing can stop you from doing all that God has given to you. So, start to walk your life with who you are, what you have and what you can do. Praise the Lord! Amen!

亲爱的朋友,你知道你是照着神的形象所造的吗?有很多时候我们都忘了自己的身份,很常忘记我们究竟是谁,拥有什么和能做什么。当问题来到,我们常常很自然地以负面去回应那问题,还有,我们甚至忘了自己比问题更大,因为我们是照着神的形象造的。我们是活在这世上,但却不是属于这世界的。我们是属神的 ,是祂的创造,更是祂所爱的。你可知道我们在祂眼中有多珍贵吗?祂爱我们到一个地步到牺牲祂所爱的独生子 - 耶稣给我们,为我们死在十字架上,为了救赎我们脱离一切。因着祂,我们是得胜有余且能享受祂一切所有的。在这复杂的世界,我们多数都会被问题和属世界的一切蒙蔽了心眼。很多时候我们忘了我们是属于那一位一直在祝福、在给予、在饶恕的神。在这世界上,我们习惯性的拿,拿,拿,拿到我们忘记了。 我们一直都在匆匆忙忙凭自己的努力不断争取能够过得更好的生活,而忘了自己是谁,拥有什么,能做什么。所以,现在是时候改变了!朋友,现在是时候我们醒悟了!让我们回到那最起初的;记得我们乃是按照神的形象造的。所以,我们拥有那浩大的能力来战胜一切的环境,我们拥有权柄来管理一切托付我们的事情,靠着那加给我们力量的,我们凡事都能做!基督如何,我们在这世上也如何。没有什么能够伤害你,更没有什么能拦阻你前进来完成使命。所以,开始以你的真实身份,你所拥有的,你能做成的,来走你的生命吧!阿们!

The Message From The Lord 从耶和华而来的信息

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Jeremiah 49:14 I have heard a message from the Lord...
耶利米书 49:14 我从耶和华那里听见信息。。。

In our daily lives, we tend to receive all sorts of messages from different parties; some will report to you on how bad it is on the recent financial report; some will report on the terror attack, and some will report to you on the new viruses and accidents happened. However, all these reports and messages will only discourage us, leading us to the thought of the end of the world. However, it is right at this end times, all the more we are to eye on Jesus Christ and to rely on Him. For only the reports from Him shall give us comfort, peace; and His hopeful report shall once again revive us! So, instead of listening to all the bad reports around you today, start to listen to the news that Jesus has reported to you. When you are worrying about your medical report, listen to what Jesus has said: I've taken away all your sufferings and healed you from your diseases! (Matthew 8:17) When you are worrying about your finance, listen to what Jesus has said: My dear child, I have been made poor so that now you are rich in Him! (2 Corinthians 8:9) When you are seeing that it is impossible to have a promotion at this time, listen to what Jesus has said: I have made you the head and not the tail, above and not beneath! I will make you arise and shine! (Deuteronomy 28:13-14, Isaiah 60:5) Therefore today, what you are going to listen to is no longer about how impossible it may be, no longer about it is impossible to have a turning point and the fact has been the fact; all that you are to listen to, is the very report from Jesus, for all His words are powerful (Luke 1:37), His words will never return to Him void (Isaiah 55:11), and all His Words are Yes in Him (2 Corinthains1:20)! For only Jesus is able to bring to you hope and report full of life! Amen!

在日常生活中,我们无时无刻在接受来自各方的讯息,你会听到最近的经济状况非常不景气;暴力事件频频发生,天灾人祸不间断,又有新的病毒种类被发现;这一切的报告真的会让我们很泄气,觉得世界末日就要到了。。。但就是因为我们处在这末后的世代,我们更需要来仰望耶稣基督,更要来依靠祂,因为唯有从祂而来的报告才能叫我们的心得安慰,得舒畅,祂大有盼望的报告才能再次点燃我们那麻木已久的心肠。所以今天的你,不是要听从世界的报告,你要听主耶稣给你的信息。当你在等待医药报告正担心着时,听一听耶稣跟你说什么吧:祂告诉你:我已经代替你的软弱,担当你的疾病了!(马太福音8:17)当你的经济状况正处在非常糟糕时,听一听耶稣跟你说什么吧:我亲爱的孩子啊,我已经为你成了贫穷,好叫你成为富足了!(哥林多后书8:9)当你看见自己没有升迁的机会时,听一听耶稣跟你说什么吧:我是叫你作首不作尾,但居上不居下的神!我要使你兴起,发光!(申命记28:13-14,以赛亚书60:5) 所以今天,你要听的不是别人告诉你能不能,不是眼见的事实告诉你有没有转机;更不是人常说的这世界的游戏规则本来就是弱肉强食,以牙还牙,以眼还 眼;你该听的报告,是从耶稣那里来的,听祂每一句带着能力的话语(路加福音1:37);听祂每一句绝不徒然返回的话(以赛亚书55:11);听祂每一句说【是】就【是】的话(哥林多后书1:20);只有祂,才能够给你带来盼望,充满生命力的报告!阿们!

Rest In Him 安息在祂里面

Friday, September 1, 2023

Psalm 62:1 Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from Him.
诗篇 62:1 我的心默默无声,专等候神,我的救恩是从祂而来。

When you are in the midst of confusion, in the midst of worries, though you may feel real bad at that moment, but remember Jesus is always by your side. Whatever that you have gone through, He understands and He cares. No one understands you more than He does, no one knows how badly hurt you may be like Him, and He is the one who puts the best interest of yours in his heart! Whatever disappointment, doubts and fear that you have right now, keep on beholding Jesus and find rest in His love; in His embrace you shall fear not, worry not and lack not, for He is mighty to save! So though thousands may fall at your side, ten thousands at your right hand, you only need to find rest in The Lord and the salvation comes from him! Amen!

当你毫无头绪的时候,或者在忧虑里头,虽然在那一刻你感到非常的不好受,但是要谨记耶稣一直都在你身边。无论你经历过什么,祂明白你的感受,祂深深在乎你。 没有任何人能够比祂更认识你,没有任何人能够比祂更了解你受的伤有多深,祂将一切关乎你的事情放在祂的心上!无论你所遭遇的失望有多大,无论你此刻在害怕什么,继续的仰望耶稣并且安息在祂的爱里;在祂的怀抱里你不再害怕, 不忧虑也必不缺乏!因为祂必能拯救你到底!所以就算千人仆倒在你旁边,万人仆倒在你右边,你只需要安息在祂里头,晓得救恩是从祂而来! 阿们!

On His Shoulders 在祂肩头上

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Luke 15:5 And when he has found it, he will joyfully carry it home on his shoulders.
路加福音 15:5 找着了,就欢欢喜喜地扛在肩上,回到家里。

Even if there are times that you make mistakes, or in weaknesses, even if there are times that your state may change, your emotional may change, your feeling may change; but know that your standing in Christ can never change. Therefore instead of determining your standing based on your state, determine your state based on the standing. You are righteous in Christ! Look at yourself as righteous today! The Father in Heaven is not angry with you, all your sins have been done at the cross; therefore know that as He found you, He will joyfully carry you on His shoulders- His strength and grace! Never for a moment that He will count your sins against you, but it was all done at the cross, when He looks at you, He looks at Jesus' perfect work and blood covering you, therefore you blameless, holy and sanctified!

即使有时候你犯了错,处在软弱中,即便有时候你的环境在改变,你的情绪起伏不定,你的感觉捉摸不定;但总要晓得你在基督里的身份永远不会改变。所以,不是按着你的环境来确定你的身份,而是按着你的身份来确定你的位置。你在基督里是公义的!所以今天看你自己是公义的!天父祂并没有对你怀怒,你的罪都已经钉死在十字架上了。当祂寻着你时,祂是欢喜的把你扛在祂肩头上 – 在祂力量和恩典里!祂不再纪念你的罪愆和过犯,这些都在十字架上了,当祂看你时,祂只看见耶稣完美的献祭和宝血覆盖着你,所以你是全然美丽,毫无瑕疵,圣洁和成圣的!

He Comes To The Rescue 祂来为拯救

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

2 Thessalonians 3:3 But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.
帖撒罗尼迦后书 3:3 但主是信实的,要坚固你们,保护你们脱离那恶者。

The world may be throwing you with a lot of bad reports recently, you may be worrying about the lack, or the sickness that seems to be so overwhelming, but do know that it has not come to an end yet, for whenever you are helpless, Jesus is out for the rescue! Even if it may seem to be impossible before your eyes, do not worry and be in fear over that bad report, but know that Jesus is faithful and He will surely strengthen you and protect you from all evil one! When He comes to the rescue, He will save you out from that sickness, when He comes to the rescue, He will ensure that all your lack has been well supplied and far more than you can imagine and think of; when He comes to the rescue, know that His divine favor will cause you rise up higher and finding favor with men! My friends, take note on this: As you're His responsibility, He will surely take care of you!


You Are Children Of God 你是神的孩子

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Ephesians 2:19 Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God's people and also members of his household.
以弗所书 2:19 这样,你们不再作外人和客旅,是与圣徒同国,是神家里的人了。

You are God’s people. You are the member of God’s household. You can be never be alone. You can never be forgotten. You can never be left out. You belong to God. As a result, you are God’s responsibility. You are under His care, He is the keeper of your life. Whatever matters to you matters to Him. In God’s kingdom, Jesus is the King. His word comes in authority, His word comes in effect. As He spoke, it came to be (Psalm 33:9). When He says, “Be healed”, sickness has to bow down. When He says, “received”, you shall receive whatever He says is yours. Your King-Jesus loves you. He wants you to be benefited. He wants you blessed. You are in a kingdom where the King favors you. In that case, can you not be blessed? Of course not!


New Life In Christ 全新的生命

Monday, August 28, 2023

Colossians 3:3 For you died to this life, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God.
歌罗西书 3:3 因为你们已经死了,你们的生命与基督一同藏在神里面。‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

The moment when you accepted Jesus, you have to know that the old life has said good bye to you. The old life of shames, condemnation, destined to be under the dominion of darkness, sickness and lack are now crucified together with Christ. In Christ, you are now a new creation; your identity has changed for eternally since then! So, regardless what is your past, what happened and how many failures that you have gone through, right now be reminded that you are already died to your past, you are now in Christ, and in Christ there is no more condemnation, there is no more judgment, and there is nothing at your fault! So know that your real life is identified with Christ but not what the world says anymore! In Christ, your real life now is destined to reign, healthy, strong, full of abundance and joy! Amen!


When I Am Afraid 当我惧怕时

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Psalm 56:3 When I am afraid, I will trust you.
诗篇 56:3 我惧怕的时候要依靠你。

No matter what you are afraid of today, do know that nothing is bigger that you God. All you need to do is to put your trust in Him. He makes your path straight; He calms the storm in your life; He turns your sorrow into dancing. So instead of being fearful of what your problem can do to you, trust what God can do for you. As you put your trust in Him, He will never put you to shame. Amen!


The Only Savior 唯一救主

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Psalm 68:20 Our God is a God who saves; from the Sovereign Lord comes escape from death.
诗篇 68:20 ‬神是为我们施行诸般救恩的神。人能脱离死亡,是在乎主耶和华。‬‬

In this world, many people would run after self help, therefore you will see a lot of books selling on self help issues; teaching you steps to achieve and to save yourself! However, No one can help themselves by their own effort, no one can earn even salvation through their good works; but know that today Jesus is your Savior! It is only through Jesus that we have the access to the Father, it is only through Jesus that we are now new creations, that our sins have been forgiven and removed once and for all! Only through Jesus that all things hold together, and without Him we cannot do anything! My friends, salvation in all areas of your life comes only through one man- Jesus, so when you're helpless in any situation, call out to Him, for in Him you shall be saved from all death, lifeless and fruitless!